Trans D (Broken Reality Book 1)

Gary Davis is dumb-struck on a flight en route to Namibia on the African continent. The man who had been sitting next to him has apparently vanished into thin air. The more he insists that he was not alone, the more frustrated the flight attendants become. They are adamant that Gary had been alone since he set foot on the plane.

Frustrated, Gary scoffs as his mind takes him back to the conversation he had had with William the previous night. Eventually, he convinces himself that his imagination is simply running wild. That is, until William makes another appearance… This time, though, William claims to be someone else.

This is the first installment of Rhiley McCabe’s Broken Reality series.

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Canary and the Mothman

Inspired-by-true-events tale of Jesse a young boy growing up in Georgia’s rural Blue Ridge Mountains and burdened with the “family secret”. Jesse is pressured to keep the secret through intimidation, threats and violence but ultimately it’s the SILENCE that proves his most difficult adversary. Jesse begins his journey on his family’s farm during WW2 and winds his way through the bluffs, backroads and hollows of that nostalgic time searching for answers to questions he doesn’t know how to ask. All the while… wondering…doubting…seeking…. Jesse learns numerous lessons along the road a few the-easy-way but most the-hard-way. He encounters many friends (Chameleons) but only few foes (Owls). It’s not until many years later he begins to learn that his youthful certainty was merely his inability to distinguish the Chameleons (foes) from the Owls (friends). Join Jesse as he struggles to comprehend his FAMILY’S WAY while attempting to obtain (Owlness) or answers to his family’s secrets as he comes of age in this tragic tale of SILENCE.      Find out how Jesse, an Owl at heart, becomes a Canary instead but for the SILENCE.      Don’t be like Jesse.      He can only wish that he’d spoken up…

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Pet (Shifting Storm Book 1)

Desperate for money. A dark opportunity. The sacrifice of freedom.
I’m desperate. I need money to help with my mom’s medical bills and I need it fast. We aren’t part of our wolf pack anymore so we can’t go to them. But…My friend tells me I can make quick money being a companion at an underground club for the elite supernatural. Easy, right?
Until I realize how dark and insidious this club is. But I’ve already signed a contract. I’ve already suppressed my wolf. I’m trapped.
Until I meet Callum.
He wants to buy my contract. He wants to buy ME. I should be angry. I belong to no one. But the money and the freedom…It’s hard to turn down an offer like that. And honestly, I don’t think I have a choice.

Pet is the first book in a steamy paranormal romance series by Sapphire Winters. Scroll up and 1-click your copy today.

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Glory Reborn (Otherside Chronicles Book 1)

You know, I never thought it’d turn out like this. Married to a complete stranger. Denying my ultimate powers. And failing at my one true purpose.

Glory’s one-time human lover is sitting at her dinner table with her pack leader-husband. And he’s transformed. Bitten. A lone-wolf now.

But that’s not the worst of it. His arrival is so much more than just awkward dinner chat. He’s a threat to her very carefully constructed nice-and-easy life. Because the secrets between them, the secrets around her, and the secrets she’s turned a blind eye on are all about to be exposed.

It’s either wake up or die. Because the Otherside is coming for her. They believe she’s a weapon of mass destruction, and they’ll do what it takes to detonate her.

Will Glory be just a pawn in the supernatural’s battle for control? Hardly. She’s not going to go quietly into the night…just the opposite in fact.

Fans of kick-ass heroines with a penchant for riding in on their own white horse will love Glory. If you like Patrica Briggs, Karen Marie Moning, Jeanine Frost, Kresley Cole, Kim Harrison, or Ilona Andrews, you’ll enjoy this.

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