For Me Pre-Order Alert

Jake Peters’ NOVEL. It’s his part in what happened in Imperfect love. His novel is due to come out in August, but if you reserved the copy via Isabella White’s Website, you will get it a month earlier. You will also get it at a dollar less. And around the 15th of every month we sent out to all pre-order reservers goodies built around the pre-order.

Isabella has started with character cards and the first four character cards in the 4Ever series. It’s definitely something that you want to get your hands on.

How the pre-order works.

It’s exclusive to our store of It will release a month earlier on the store before we will upload it on the rest of the online stores. So for those not comfortable with purchasing via our stores, you will be able to purchase it a month later.

We also sell the copy for a dollar less. So when the copy goes on all the online store our store price will go up a dollar too. It’s definitely something that you might want to consider, purchasing For Me for a dollar less, unless you are a patron of Isabella, then you will get FOR ME completely free.

Haven’t pre-ordered yet, just follow the links below. It’s as easy as that. Please note that we do not take any payments during the pre-order stage. We will sent out a copy when the book release in our store, reminding you that it’s available for purchase.

Thank you so much for supporting all our titles.